Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day in the life of my two crazies...

Hey Everyone,

It's been quite some time since I have used my camera or blogged.  I was with my parents in NJ for a month with the girls. Since we've been back its just been crazy trying to get Nerina & Milana on some type of schedule so the hubby and I can have some time to ourselves. I think I am finally caught up(well not completely, just enough to start clicking).
The past few months have been challenging for me in regards to photography.  Seeing all these great pictures, photographers on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & more can be so inspiring and sometimes be so discouraging. I wonder if I will ever get to where they are. :(
 A recent post by Drew from Mom*tog just put me back where I needed to be. She had this post on her blog titled "What Do You Shoot for?". Extremely motivational if I must say.  In her post she talks about how we should all keep shooting, we each have our own stories, and our own vision. That's when I realized that regardless if my pictures come out good or bad, I started this journey to capture my daughters. By sulking, I have already missed out on the past two months.  They have grown so much and I can't even begin to cover the sillyness & crazyiness that goes on in our house.
This post is perfect to continue where I left off...its a day in the life of my two crazies..you definetly want to tune into this one..ENJOY!!!!
PS. Its long!
PPS. Keep it in my mind, our house is the worst with lighting, so I had to revert to 1600, 3200+ iso's.
PPPS. And full of laughter, crazyiness and most of all LOVE!

Our day starts off with Milana drinking her milk in OUR BED! I don't know what it is with kids loving their parents beds  (although, i vageuly remember me loving my mom & dads bed). Nerina did the same thing by the way...




Look whose AWAKE! Nerina - oh mommy, pictures already, NOOO!!! Rubbing eyes and giving me such cute smiles, only to see the picture on the camera after...

Nainus Up

Where's Neku? That's right - she is jumping, leaping, climbing over,me,Nerina and the hubby just to get to the REMOTE. This by far is the funniest thing that happens every morning.


Okay trouble maker you are going back into your crib...


"Peek-a-boo, I see you!!!"


"Get me outta HERE!!!!"


WAIT! Where you guys going? What about me?


"Phewf, they remembered to bring me into the family room too!!!!"


And of course as always, she spits up on the carpet...


Its only been a few wks since we took away Nerina's sippy cup. She is doing pretty well, except the continues compliments we have to give her to FINISH THE WHOLE THING." Great job, wow, your almost done, so proud of you...."


After milk time always comes Cereal. Nerina loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Its her absolute favorite.  Lately she wants it without any milk, can you blame her? :)


Nerina likes to dig into her toychest in her room once in awhile, and of course baby sister always wants to be involved :) They always manage to pull some stuffed animals down from above to join in their fun.


Did I mention we love to make trains in this house, any shape or form...


It's Rice Cereal Time!!!!! and someone gets excited to see her food on the table...

and then crazy play time in the "TENT"...aka Sister Bonding Time!


OOOO..someone needed a nap...


and someone else needed to shower....
Nerina is all fresh and ready...


When babysister sleeps, that means Nerina time!


crazy face

and then lunch time....


We check the mail....

and then we rest (so mommy can eat lunch & check emails)


and before you know it Milana is up


and after all that the naughtiness and playing continues...and the toy room begings to fill up...


and sister bonding continues...well I don't know if you would consider trying to get Milana to drink Soda & pushing her by her butt as "bonding"...


We drink some more milk.....


and crawl into spaces we shouldn't....



Talk to Nani....



and play with Bua...


and be our silly selves..


Believe it or not this is only till around 4pm after this, the cycle you just saw starts ALL over again...feeding, eating, playing followed by Daddy coming home, then feeding, eating, playing with him and then bed time routine and FINALLY in bed by on a good day 9:00pm (7:30pm for the little one).  I was hoping to take the evening pictures but it was repetitive and the girls were glued to mommy and by then sick of the camera.

Thank you for taking a peak into our lives.  Until next time, happy shooting :)