Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Venturing Out of My Backyard

The hubby and I have been married for 5 years and till today my sister-in-law and I have not had a girls night out. We finally got around to planning one and making it happen and it was a BLAST! We both are really into photography. She helped me to venture out beyond my backyard and capture Oakland & San Francisco. We needed a plan of action and Sarita was on it for sure - she was able to look up the top 10 places to photograph in San Francisco. 
We started off taking some pictures of Shipping Containers & Crains in Oakland.  This was really neat because my father-in-law helped to construct those years back so it was fun to capture his work.  Next was Treasure Island, on the island is this tourist spot where you can get a view of the whole city along with the Bay Bridge.  After that Sarita was bold enough to drive around random cliffs and hills to find this spot she heard about where you can get the cars moving on the bay bridge. After some roaming around we found the spot and it was sooooooo worth it.  The spot was a little dangerous but the perfect picture postcard spot.  We were there over 2 hours just playing around with our cameras getting the rear car lights on the bay bridge. We then roamed around some more in the hills and got to capture the front headlights of the cars as well. You really couldn't get us out of this spot - we just wanted to click away. We had to drag ourselves into the car so we could make our way to our original destination San Francisco.  
Once we were in San Francisco we wined & dined at Palamino's. They have the best Mojitos in town and its right along the Embarcadero so its the perfect scenic spot for our "date". We got some yummy tomato basil pizza, chatted photography and enjoyed a wonderful break with no kids, or husbands. Next on our list was the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Apparently they have this great spot on the top floor where you could get a wonderful view of the North Beach area. We snuck in and made our way to the top - but in our dismay there was a big glass screen blocking our fab view.  No worries, we took out our phones and made some fun Instagram shots and then moved along.  Our next place to capture was the Palace of Fine Arts.  At night the lights on the Palace shine down into the water making a beautiful glow.  After this we drove to the other side of town to capture the Golden Gate Bridge. I have always seen the Golden Gate bridge from the tourist side but Sarita took me to the west side and I was able to see the Golden Gate bridge in a way I have never seen before.  We drove down to Bakers Beach and were able to shoot the whole bridge from a distance. It was breathtaking! The water along the beach the shining Golden Gate bridge in the distance. Just amazing! We hung around here for quite a bit - it was a little challenging with our cameras since it was so dark. 
After Bakers Beach we realized it was time to eat dinner - Finally! We were both starving and ready to head over to the famous bermese restaurant. Sarita and I both make this Samosa Soup which Sarita first tried at Burma SuperStar in San Francisco. I was super excited to try the original Samosa soup.  Burma SuperStar is this whole in the wall place with a 2 hour+ wait.  A lot of their dishes have been featured on the Food Network.  Luckily that night we were able to get in within 15 minutes.  We ordered some wine, the samosa soup, a wonderful tea leaf salad and some yummy string beans.  It was a wonderful meal and we had a great time chatting and catching up.
The last place on our list was Twin Peaks.  Here we were able to capture the entire city along with the Bay Bridge & Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately for me I was having some trouble capturing what I wanted because of the wind.  I later realized it was because I never put the camera on a timer. But nevertheless, I did capture a few fun shots. 

Below are some highlights from our trip. Enjoy 2 1 3 San Francisco & Bay Bridge BW View Moving Cars - San Francisco & Bay Bridge 2 Moving Cars - San Francisco & Bay Bridge BW Moving Cars on the Bay Bridge Bokeh Moving Cars on the Bay Bridge Front View Moving Cars on the Bay Bridge Front View Close-Up Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco 2 IMG_5343 Golden Gate bridge view from Twin Peaks

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Guess What? A day in the life of my two crazies is now a BOOK!!!!!! My parents were so sweet to extract everything from my blogpost into a Shutterfly book. What an amazing memory to have as a keepsake for the girls.  After receiving that book I decided that my 1st photo challenge should also be a book.  I miss those days where people printed pictures but I have to say photobooks are the next best thing.  If you haven't made a trip over to Shutterfly yet I highly suggest it. Their options are limitless.



Monday, December 19, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 6 - Beard That's White

This morning Nerina comes up to me and says "mommy lets do a project". I look through the mailbox book Nani gave us and found a Santa with a white beard....little did I know that today's photo challenge was "Beard That's White". What a coincidence :)


10 Day Challenge: Day 6 - Beard That's White - by Flux Foto

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Coloring with Nani

Coloring with Nani is OH, SO FUN!





How to make a Christmas Wreath

How to make a Christmas wreath by Nerina & Nani....


Sillyness that follows....


Holiday Crafts

Crafts at our house this year have been super fun and a must-do task for the week. Nani was here for 2 weeks and helped in making some as well...Here is a lil preview of some of the crafts we have made for the Holiday.



IMG_4796IMG_4785 IMG_4789IMG_4793 IMG_4825IMG_4823IMG_4819IMG_4815

10 Day Challenge: Day 4 - Come Our Way(Santa)

Santa - Please "Come our way". This year Nerina is just filled with joy for the holidays...She asks me everyday "is Santa coming to my house today"...she is really counting down!! 

Nani was super sweet to buy her this adorable snow globe ornament that has a Santa floating inside with snow...It even has a switch on the bottom to change the colors inside. Its just a beautiful addition to our tree.


10 Day Challenge: Day 2 -Something Bright - by Flux Foto

Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 2 - Something Bright

Today's Challenge: Something Bright.  I know this picture is kinda boring and not that original BUT if you look closely its quite interesting.  Having a toddler and infant at home can make things challenging around the holiday time - Nerina really wanted a tree this year but Milana is crawling into everything and anything -- here is what I came up with to make both girls happy!


10 Day Challenge: Day 2 -Something Bright - by Flux Foto

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White

I'm back!!!!!!!!! I recently stumbled upon a few photography challenges online, this one seem to be right up my alley. I wanted something to capture the girls during the holidays as well as practice my photography skills. Lately, time is very limited so a 10 day challenge is just what I needed (even though its during the busiest time of this month).

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White - by Flux Foto

When I think Red & White during the holidays - first thing that comes to mind is CANDY CANES! I absolutely love candy canes - I could eat them all year round if they were available.  Its also the only time of year that Red nailpolish is extremely suitable :)

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White

This is the first year Nerina is really loving the holidays. The trees, decorations, candy canes, lights - she just loves it all.  I started this journey to take more pictures of them, here are a few red & white ones of her.

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White

and some other festive ones............