Saturday, February 11, 2012


WOO HOO! I booked my first shoot. The other night I decided I need to practice on people other then my own kiddos and what better way to practice then on my wonderful friends.  When I passed along the idea to my mothers group, they were thrilled and were willing to do whatever they could to help me.  My first client was my sweet friend Shilpa and her beautiful family.  We decided to do the shoot close by at a field in Union City.  She wanted to get some family photographs as well as her kids together and solo.  We booked a date and it was rained out!!! I was so excited but had to wait till the following week. All week I had such anxiety.  Even though the shoot was "practice". I certainly wanted to help my friend out and wanted to do the best I can to capture their family.  The night before was so nerve-wrecking...going back and forth getting ideas online and just practicing with my canon, I was a shaky mess.  I knew I had to just get out there and SHOOT.

First I met Shilpa and her beautiful daughter Anushka...gosh I was sooooo lucky. Such beautiful ladies, the camera loved them :)  They were both incredibly sweet and were open to all the ideas I had. I couldn't get enough of this lil girl...

IMG_6142 IMG_6225

afterward we were joined by my friends son and husband and got some fun shots :)

IMG_6377 IMG_6413 IMG_6776

This beautiful family was soooooo fun for me to photograph.  They made me feel so good inside..were appreciative and grateful.... wow, with clients like this I'd be the luckiest girl ever!

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