Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nerina has a new hat :)

Didi let me borrow her new lens and its absolutely stunning, and amazing! No words necessary. This thing is just beautiful (and super heavy).  Got to capture Nerina in her new hat for Disneyworld tonight.




Food(ography) for thought...

Recently, I've been finding time to cook some new dishes and I can't tell you how refreshing and fulfilling it has been. I've always been into cooking, but its always been a difficult task to juggle with an infant and toddler at home. I would ideally like to cook a new recipe every week and fortunately after some organizing I am NOW able to do so.  I re-organized my fridge (including a snack drawer for Nerina - pinterest inspired)...I plan out our weekly meals (not the weekends of course) and I frequently check Pinterest, Allrecipes.com, and a bunch of great food shows like Spice Goddess, Good Eats & Everyday Italian for ideas.  I also was inspired by a food cooking lesson I attended with some great mommy friends.

After all this work, I knew this had to be blogged about (mind you I been really bad about blogging). This post has a lot of technical work behind it.  First things first --majority of my pictures were on Instagram. I did a bunch of googling and found out a way to export the pictures onto my desktop.  The next step was how to post them on here without it being a huge space sucker. Well - I don't know about you, but I absolutely love photo-strips like the one's you get out of a photo-booth. After seeing this picture on Pinterest I knew this was the best way and the most thrilling way to post all my food pictures. I'm really having a tough time picking up Photoshop but I am becoming quite savvy with Lightroom (just got Lightroom 4 and its AMAZING)...anyways, I knew there had to be a way to do it. After a lot of trial and error I got the right size and shape for the photostrip. The next task was to put the names of my food on each picture - the hubby was kind enough at night to help me do this in photoshop.  I am pleased to share with you my results below :)


Pictures from Instagram:
blogp1      food2p       food3p