Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White

I'm back!!!!!!!!! I recently stumbled upon a few photography challenges online, this one seem to be right up my alley. I wanted something to capture the girls during the holidays as well as practice my photography skills. Lately, time is very limited so a 10 day challenge is just what I needed (even though its during the busiest time of this month).

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White - by Flux Foto

When I think Red & White during the holidays - first thing that comes to mind is CANDY CANES! I absolutely love candy canes - I could eat them all year round if they were available.  Its also the only time of year that Red nailpolish is extremely suitable :)

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White

This is the first year Nerina is really loving the holidays. The trees, decorations, candy canes, lights - she just loves it all.  I started this journey to take more pictures of them, here are a few red & white ones of her.

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red & White

and some other festive ones............


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